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mediaPrime will be a cool, new application for watching TV, movies, pictures, listen to music, etc. It is designed to fits the criteria of an HTPC use case to be an alternative to MediaPortal, XBMC, etc. !

This project is in an early stage, so there is no release yet! Please come back later!

I'm searching for developers who are interested in this project and want to help! :-)

An early UI preview (19/02/2015):


  • Development in .NET 4.5, WPF and C#
  • Metro Style
  • Fast and user friendly
  • You will never ever need a keyboard or mouse, everything can be done with remote control
  • If the application crashes, it will automatically restart (user is able to cancel this)
  • Settings, Updates, Installation of new Plugins ("App Store") available in mediaPrime
  • 4 different kinds of Extensions:
    • Default Plugin with UI (like TV, Movies, Pictures, etc.)
    • Background Plugin (without UI) for background tasks
    • Side Plugins (runs within another Plugin, e.g. searching the web while watching TV. It's like having two Windows 8 metro apps side by side)
    • Addons (Plugin specific extensions like Channel Logos, TV Server Provider, etc.)
  • Live Tiles on home screen
  • Directly boot to a plugin (e.g. directly start TV playback on startup)
  • Global Settings system (used by mediaPrime and all Plugins)
  • Settings can be saved also with OneDrive for easy backup & restore
  • Global Message system (Message, Command, Query and Notification) to send/receive messages to/from mediaPrime and other Plugins
  • Global Notification system to notify the user about important things
  • Using MediaPortal TV Server and Argus TV Server
  • Clean and easy code and project structure!
  • Very easy SDK to develop Plugins
  • etc...

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